118th Congress Bills (2023-2024)

The 2023-2024 Climate Bill Package includes bills covering core elements for national climate action in 2024. The package is intended to help unite the underlying movements across sectors for greater political power and victory in 2024.

Now we need your help in all 435 Congressional Districts. Please help secure your Representative as a co-sponsor Welcome all to our regular Monday biweekly meetings focuseed on The Earth Bill. (Register)

The Package tackles regenerative agriculture, fracking, fossil fuel subsidies, plastics, confined animal feeding operations, toxic pesticides, planting billions of trees, restoring wetlands, environmental justice, and just transition. More bills will be added over time that protect international forests, and ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, among others.

The bills were written by highly respected organizations and coalitions including Food & Water Action, The Center for Biological Diversity, Family Farm Alliance, NRDC, Oceana, and many more, and collectively have the backing of over 1200 organizations.

The package was selected based on criteria including: 1. Existing coalition backing and bill-drafting process, 2. Coverage of solutions in Project Drawdown and our Policy Digest, 3. GHG reduction impacts (under review), and 4. Antitrust industry impacts. Experts from each bill gave presentations available on YouTube. And our open network of activists and groups voted to support the package, representing local chapters of Project Drawdown, 350, Sierra Club, Unitarian Universalists, and many more.

We are reviewing new bills constantly to add to the Package and welcome suggestions. We also organize in an open, transparent, and inclusive manner, with regular meetings open to all. If we all unite and get laser-focused on the 435 Congressional Districts & Legislation, we will save life on Earth together! Join us.

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